The Cinnamon Trust


Holiday Hounds are honoured to have been the company in the Portsmouth area who were approached to help the Cinnamon Trust - Recently we were asked by the Cinnamon Trust if we could help the owner of a 16 year old dog while she spent time with her husband during his last few weeks of life. Without hesitating Holiday Hounds said yes and made sure we found the perfect carer to look after the dog.

It was Jane Stemp who looked after the dog in this time and i would like to personally thank her for the wonderful care she provided in such a distressing time for the dog and owners. Jane immediately, when asked went to pick up the dog and has been looking after her for the last 3 weeks. This help has allowed the owner to spend quality time with her dying husband without the added worry of her elderly dog.

I would like to thank the Cinnamon Trust for the wonderful service they provide and another thank you for choosing Holiday Hounds to help on this occasion and to now be a part of the hard work they do.

The Cinnamon Trust

Suprise Wedding Guest

Pippin Wedding.jpg


Our career Esme was looking after Pippin while the owners were getting married. The husband asked if Esme would bring Pippin along as a surprise to the wife so they could all be together on the big day.
Obviously Esme was delighted to do this and here is the evidence. What a lovely gesture.
Who here agrees 👍 ðŸ‘°ðŸ¤µðŸ¶â¤ï¸

Storm and Thor

Here are storm and Thor.

2 very big and strong Huskies, Thor is the one who likes to always be first but he is also the fussy one, most likely to miss home while away but...

Our lovely carer Clare has experience with all sizes and breeds of dogs and has looked after these two beauties before and already has a repeat booking in the diary.

Storm and Thor 2.jpg

Welcome David and Amanda

Holiday Hounds would like to give a warm welcome to the lovely David and Amanda.

This is a lovely photo they sent in of the two of them walking the dogs on one of their first bookings for Holiday Hounds.

For anyone who have met David and Mandy then im sure you will agree that any dogs they look after are going to have a fantasic holiday and be treated like one of the family.

David and Mandy.JPG