A Caring Alternative To Kennels


Have your dogs cared for in a loving home whilst you are away.


When you go on holiday or have to go away for whatever reason, there is always a difficult decision to make when it comes to having your dog looked after. We all wish we could have friends and family available at all times who could look after our dogs when we are away, but in reality this is not always possible. Holiday Hounds provides an alternative that we believe is the closest thing you can get to this. We will provide a carer to look after your dog in their home. We have a wide variety of carers, none of whom work so your dog will not be left, nor will they look after anyone else's dog when they have yours.


Holiday Hounds started in 2000 and has exceeded all expectations. We currently have carers in Portsmouth and surrounding areas.  All our carers have been thoroughly vetted and licensed where required and are all experienced dog lovers. Some do have their own dogs whilst others have had their own dogs in the recent past.


We hope the following pages offer you all the information you need.


Nicky Parsons - Director


About Us


We have a wide network of carers all of which can offer a unique service, with various equally important qualities. So for example if your dog sleeps on your feet at night we will use a carer that can accommodate that requirement.

Holiday Hounds will follow the instructions that you give regarding your dogs normal routine. You provide your dog's food, their toys and blanket etc. and we will exercise your dog as required.

Holiday Hounds will ensure all dogs have the carers details on a tag for the duration of their stay.

Holiday Hounds offer a very personal alternative to kennels. Your dog will go to the home of one of our carers and be accepted into that family for the duration. They will not look after anyone else's dog during this time.

We will always arrange a home visit for you and your dog prior to the stay so that you can be confident that your dog will be happy before you pay the deposit. And go through any special requirements that your dog may have.

Holiday Hounds is a registered member of NARP (National Association of Registered Pet-sitters).